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AIM WEBINAR: A Deeper Dive into Motorcycle Racing Data - Live Webinar with Chloé Lerin - 8/31/2021

Watch the video here:

In this live webinar, Chloé Lerin (MotoAmerica Data Engineer, Motorcycle Rider Coach, and Mechanical Engineer), and Roger Caddell (AiM Sports National Training Manager) discuss additional best practices of data analysis using motorcycle road racing data. This webinar builds on a prior webinars (links below) where Chloé discusses data gathered from a basic Solo2 data logger and from ECU data streams In this webinar Chloé discusses the data sensors used by professional motorcycle racing teams, what her team has on the bike the team is racing. She also introduced the topic of Suspension Analysis and gave a tour of the Race Studio 2 Analysis Suspension Analysis function and how she sets it up and uses it. Finally she opened a couple of data files in RS2 and demonstrated in live data some of the processes she follows to help the team improve the bikes suspension. Todays Q&A: Coming Soon! Today’s Presentation: A Deeper Dive in Motorcycle Racing Data with Chloé Lerin:

Seminar Sample Race Studio 2 Data Files:

Seminar Race Studio 2 User Profiles:

Seminar Race Studio 2 Math Channels:

Chloé Lerin’s Social Media: Instagram: @enginerdissima

Chloé Lerin’s Prior AiM Sports Webinars: 2-30 Motorcycle Racing Data, V2 - Live Webinar with Chloé Lerin - 7/27/2021: 2-25 Motorcycle Racing Data - Live Webinar with Chloé Lerin - 6/22/2021:

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