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AIM WEBINAR: Motorcycle Racing Data - Live Webinar with Chloé Lerin - 6/22/2021

Click here for the video:

In this live webinar, Chloé Lerin (MotoAmerica Data Engineer, Motorcycle Rider Coach, and Mechanical Engineer), and Roger Caddell (AiM Sports National Training Manager) discuss the best practices of selecting the correct data logger for a motorcycle rider, some tips on mounting it, then we discussed downloading the data into Race Studio Analysis software and setting up the User Profiles, Math Channels, and Track Map. Chloé then discussed a few of her data analysis processes including; how she sets up her analysis screens, how she generally will view a Split Report early in her data analysis process, and then we compared a couple of laps from a rider she recently coached on the Road America track and she discussed how she views acceleration, braking deceleration, and lean angle. This lean angle channel is a math channel that she explains and even includes it (and several other valuable math channels) in an AiM importable Race Studio 2 Analysis .amc math channel file linked below. Todays Q&A: Coming Soon! Chloé Lerin Social Media: Instagram: @enginerdissima Today’s Presentation: Motorcycle Data Analysis with Chloe Lerin

Seminar Sample Race Studio 2 Data File:

Seminar Race Studio 2 User Profiles:

Seminar Race Studio 2 Math Channels:

Seminar Race Studio 2 Road America Track Map:

During the webinar Chloé mentioned a great source of AiM road racing motorcycle data that is provided by MotoAmerica racer Nolan Lamkin. Here is a link to his 'Giving My Data Away' page:

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