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AIM WEBINAR: Motorcycle Racing Data, V2 - Live Webinar with Chloé Lerin - 7/27/2021

Watch the video here:

In this live webinar, Chloé Lerin (MotoAmerica Data Engineer, Motorcycle Rider Coach, and Mechanical Engineer), and Roger Caddell (AiM Sports National Training Manager) discuss additional best practices of data analysis based on the example of having an AiM data logger connected to the motorcycles ECU data stream. This webinar builds on a prior webinar (linked below) where Chloé discusses data gathered from a basic Solo2 data logger. In this webinar Chloé discusses the value of 'Stepping up from the Solo2' and connecting to the bikes ECU by discussing the typical channels that are available from several of the most popular bikes used in racing and track day events. Live using the AiM Sports Race Studio 2 Analysis software, Chloé started by sharing how she sets up her software view and went on to discuss in detail many of the most important data channels that were gathered by the motorcycles ECU connection including; multiple wheel speeds, grip position and throttle position, traction and wheelie control, gear position, RPM, and IMU-Lean angle, plus more. She discussed the process she used in the 2 data files to help the rider improve not only his riding but also help the team improve settings on the bike. Todays Q&A: Coming Soon! Today’s Presentation: Motorcycle Racing Data V2 with Chloe Lerin

Seminar Sample Race Studio 2 Data File:

Seminar Race Studio 2 User Profiles:

Seminar Race Studio 2 Math Channels:

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