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HPA Podcast #70: Motorsport Engineering on Only Two Wheels

During the week, Chloé works as a combustion engineer for Harley Davidson, while on the weekend she moonlights as an Aimsport analysis specialist/data engineer for various teams competing in the MotoAmerica championship.

Chloé took the route of education in her career, so we first look into her path towards a master's degree in combustion engineering and how that has affected her career as she went off to work for big equipment manufacturers like John Deere and Cummins. This eventually lead to her current role at Harley Davidson, and it’s here that we’re able to dig deep into the motorcycle engine development world — there’s probably quite a lot of information here that’ll surprise you, especially when it comes to the perception of Harley Davidson versus the engineering reality.

The conversation gets pretty deep in the weeds when discussing the very fine points of combustion characteristics, knock avoidance, and cam phase control, but to counter that Chloe also answers some very basic questions like; why do Harleys sound like that, and just why do they have to be so damn loud?

The latter half of the episode is all about motorsport — Chloe is currently building her own Yamaha R6 race bike and has long been heading to track days, which is where she began working with Aimsport as a data engineer for privateer teams in the MotoAmerica championship. There’s some really interesting insight to be found here as Chloe discusses the differences between motorcycle and car data acquisition — some obvious, and some that you might never have thought of.

You may or may not have an interest in bikes — either way, the engineering is all relevant and the knowledge that Chloe drops in this episode is well worth taking in.

Follow Chloé here:

IG: @enginerdissima, @unicornium_engineering

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