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The Solo2DL ECU Harness for Mectronik ECUs is a must-have accessory for MotoAmerica Supersport and Talent cup riders. Compatible with both MKE5 and MKE7 Mectronik ECU models, this harness allows for seamless integration of the Solo2DL data logger into your racing setup. The high-quality construction and  ensure reliable performance in the demanding environments of motorcycle racing. With this harness, you can easily capture and analyze crucial data from your bike's ECU to make informed adjustments and improvements to your performance on the track. Upgrade your racing experience with the Solo2DL ECU Harness for Mectronik MKE7 and take your competitive edge to the next level.

Solo2DL ECU Harness for Mectronik MKE7

SKU: MTK-001
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