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AIM WEBINAR: Installing and Using a Data System - Live Webinar with Chloe Lerin - 7/26/22

Watch the video here:

n this live webinar, Chloé Lerin (MotoAmerica Data Engineer, Motorcycle Rider Coach, and Mechanical Engineer), and Roger Caddell (AiM Sports National Training Manager) discuss the process of installing and using a data system, something that Chloé has just recently accomplished. Chloé shares her journey into data and how she selected the data logger, harness, and sensors that were the best for her and how she has adjusted her plan over the course of the build.

After she discusses and answers questions about her AiM data system install she opens a data file from her 1st trip to the track to show what the data looks like from her data system.

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Chloé’s Email:

Chloé’s Instagram: @enginerdissima

Chloé’s Racing Data Instagram: @unicornium_engineering

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