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AIM WEBINAR: Optimizing Bike Gearing with Chloe Lerin - 5/31/22

Watch the video here:

In this live webinar, Chloé Lerin (MotoAmerica Data Engineer, Motorcycle Rider Coach, and Mechanical Engineer), and Roger Caddell (AiM Sports National Training Manager) discuss some best practices on analyzing road racing motorcycles to optimize gearing choices. This webinar builds on 3 prior webinars she co-hosted (links below) where Chloé discusses data gathered from a basic Solo2 data logger and from ECU data streams.

In this webinar Chloé discusses how to use data to shorten the learning process not only as a rider but also to find the best gearing solution. Chloé started by sharing her RS3A User Profile where she focuses on Rider Inputs and how she uses this view to understand the riders consistency and comfort on track and how this is important before making changes to the bike settings and gearing. She then shared the very interesting concept of how a bike RPM changes based on the lean angle of the bike and this needs to be considered when analyzing and deciding on gearing changes.

Chloé presented the concept of identifying the parts of the track that are important to the gearing decision (number and length of straights, low and high speed corners, elevation changes, etc) as well as considering actual shift points of the rider. Then we went into live Race Studio 3 Analysis data and studied several areas from the sample data file (data link below) and discussed the way she sets up her RS3A layout (User Profile available linked below).

Chloe’s Prior Webinar Videos:

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Chloé’s Email:

Chloé’s Instagram: @enginerdissima

Chloé’s Racing Data Instagram: @unicornium_engineering

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